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Ice Maker Tray

This ice Maker Tray is an excellent alternative to keep your ice Maker running all winter long! It's also peerless for populating your kitchen with small, easy-to-read silicone ice Maker Tray icebreakers.

Refrigerator Ice Maker Tray

The refrigerator ice Maker Tray is a top alternative to keep your refrigerator ice Maker running like a well-oiled machine, this Tray comes with two ice Maker cubes, a whiskey ball cocktail silicone mold, and an 2 pack ice Maker large cube square tray. This Tray can be used to create any ice Maker variety replicated with a whiskey ball cocktail silicone mold, the Tray also comes with a microfiber cloth to keep your refrigerator ice Maker clean and free of debris. The first-rate spot to enjoy a drink while watching a movie is without a doubt, a glass of ice water, with an ice Maker pan, you can create averts and drinks like no other. This round sphere mold is exceptional for making dishes, formed into a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as drinks, the whiskey cocktails silicone ice Maker pan is unrivalled for any drink you want to make a dual purpose purchase. It's stylish and functional, best-in-class for any or drink making party, this 2 pack of ice Maker trays is exquisite for any drink mold. They are made of silicone and whiskey ball cups for a top-grade drink made, the big cubes make it facile to store and the silicone material makes it durable. The samsung twist ice Maker is a top-notch substitute to enjoy your drinks in a more icy mood, this ice Maker comes with two cubes, a square tray, and a whiskey ball cocktail mold. It can be used to make cold drinks or pour drinks with a few sips of wine, it's large enough to suit all of your drinks or just some friends. The turn-key ice Maker is sure to make your drinks something extra hot and delicious.