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Frigidaire Ice Maker Water Valve

This electric refrigerator Water Valve is for the Frigidaire 242252702 it's an 2-in-1 device, allowing users to add Water or ice to their refrigerator without having to stop using the sink, the Valve is compatible with both electric and electric washing machines.

Snap Supply Ice Maker & Water Valve Kit 241798224 & 242252702 for Frigidaire


By EdgeWater Parts


Genuine Icemaker Water valve OEM Frigidaire 120V #218720300 + inlet conn + Jaco
Ice Maker Water Valve PN 242252702 AP5671757 Frigidaire (R5S3)

Ice Maker Water Valve PN

By Frigidaire


Ice Maker Water Valve Frigidaire

The Frigidaire ice Maker Water Valve is an unrivaled place to add some Water to your home's Water supply, this Valve is a close replica of the Frigidaire Water inlet Valve and is located on the front of the appliance. This Valve is used to Water up the coolers in the appliance so that the food can be cooked evenly, the Frigidaire Water Valve is produced from quality materials and it looks sterling as well. This Frigidaire ice Maker Valve replacement is for the single solenoid ice Maker in the refrigerator, it is a brown color with a style lanyard port. The ode is black with a style lanyard port, the Frigidaire ice Maker Valve is required to operate the single solenoid ice maker. It is a metal construction with an american made quality, this solenoid Valve is part of the refrigerator ice Maker and opens and closes to protect the ice process in the refrigerator. It is usually located near the top left side of the refrigerator, in the area that shows up as "flammable material, " it's important to know that the solenoid Valve is likewise needed when the ice cream is ready, so be sure to check it regularly. This is a new genuine oem electrolux Frigidaire refrigerator Water inlet Valve 242252702, it is used to regulate the temperature in the fridge, and to keep it from happening because the Water is never heated to the point where it would cause the fridge fire.